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control your cravings !

An effective help to get released from bad habits impacting your health.  

(Reading time approx 6 to 10 minutes).


When we are young and free our subconsciousness protects our health in our urge to survive. Unfortunately, in modern society, many bad influences, think of potent commercials, friends, environment, social background, drug abuse, etc. are a continuous threat to the basics of our protective subconsciousness. When we only could change this harmful information into a positive one, our subconsciousness will embrace this with open arms as it is there to protect us. 

Now there is a great help to achieve this smoothly and in an easy and safe way by using our own (natural) Bio-nitric oxide which will be needed to reprogram our mind settings by learning and strongly memorizing for a long-lasting result

  (Pls. read study below)


Today we are overwhelmed with internet sites, blogs, app's and videos, promoting how to get rid of a negative habit. They all give advice and reasons why you should stop. These might help temporarily but unfortunately, most of the time it is NOT resulting in a final result. Many people fail already after a few weeks or even days!

The best way to conquer your addiction is with the help of a specialist like a psychologist a trainer or a coach who gives personalized mental support. This is possible in relation to personalized metal programs, or treatments like the Minnesota model, or today's more alternative models. In severe cases, the best option is to get treated on a personal one to one relationship. 


Adding the Hummingmask is a new and powerful way to support these treatments resulting in faster and steady results not only in practice or institute but also in your own personal environment,  as an instrument to maintain your achieved results. 

An extra dimension to better results.


For many years now scientists know that a great part of addictions or habits is present in our subconsciousness. This is why in all personal coaching plans it plays a huge role.  In a way, It is our subconsciousness that dictates our consciousness and thus our behavior and feelings of euphoria and excitement. If the subconsciousness can be implemented with new and positive rules, will this create new strong commands to our consciousness with even the release of sufficient dopamine as a reward for its success. 

"This is not magic, and no philosophy, but this is a proven physical process".


quote: The subconscious mind is still viewed by many psychological scientists as the “shadow of a “real” conscious mind. Though there now exists substantial evidence that the subconscious is not identifiably less flexible, complex, controlling, deliberative or action-oriented than is its counterpart.


The important role of sufficient Nitric oxide in the battle against addiction

or other negative behavior.

Nitric oxide (NO) is essential and needed (scientifically proven), for the functioning and use of our long-term memory.  When we are young most of us have sufficient NO and we can learn and adapt fast. As a result of the aging process, we gradually lose the ability to produce NO, one of the reasons why it gets more difficult to learn and to quit some bad habits. Besides that, losing our NO is also responsible for almost all inherent age-related physical problems and related illnesses.

Different field tests with the Humming Mask© showed that by using the mask regularly our Bio-NO will help our mind (our subconsciousness) receiving suggestions and commands and bypassing our consciousness by being in the state between Theta and Delta.  According to these tests, this works miraculously well. Negative craving(s) and desires disappear as signals from our subconsciousness are contradictory and dominant. Our consciousness or perception of behavior is changed due to the control and impact of our subconsciousness. This will be effective over time without any side effects.

Why the Humming Mask© works.

  1. By using the Humming Mask© we inhale the activated air from our sinuses (Nasal breathing is essential and most important for this process !) including the increased (Up to 15 times higher) natural Bio-Nitric oxide (NO) enhancing mental acceptance for learning and recording (Memory) the new suggestions. We find a similar process with infants recording all new impressions as they grow up.

  2. The inhaled Bio NO is directly absorbed by the mucus layer in the nasal cavities. The same way when a smell is noticed and immediately in a split second registered by the brain. (nice smell of food and drinks, dangerous gases, etc.).

  3. The NO is transported into the bloodstream to the brain and enhances the learning and recording capability through the neuroplastic effect on the un-(sub)-conscious mind (Pls. read the study below).
    Old information will be overwritten by the given new thoughts and opinions which are rapidly accepted by our subconsciousness.

  4. New healthy "anti-addiction" suggestions obtained from your Psychologist, Coach, or the Counselor will be recognized and stored while using the Humming Mask©.

  5. After that, the list of suggestions, pictures, recalled memories etc, available in the subconscious mind is further used by new sessions while using the mask for further positive progressions.

  6. The more we reintegrate the new suggestions available while using the mask, the stronger it will influence our cognitive behavior.

  7. Cravings, fear, depressions, and emotional desires, the fundamental elements of our behavior, will change gradually in positive actions while relaxing and meditating using the mask.

Below you can read an example of positive or contradictory suggestions that will be recorded and will remain after the sessions. The phrases below are to quit smoking. This can be rephrased and used for different addictions like gambling, drinking, drugs, and depressions etc.

The linked pictures are important as our subconsciousness is more receptacle to pictures than words so pictures can be used to reach the subconsciousness more easily too.

  • Nicotine and cigarette smoke is bad for my lungs


  • I do not like the taste of nicotine in my mouth


  • Smoking creates cancer cells in the my body


  • I do not like the craving feelings for smoking


  • My thoughts why I need to smoke are false


  • Smoking gives me more stress later in life


  • Smoking is not for me


  • Nicotine is addictive


  • Smoking makes me undesirable to others


  • I can see a skull on each pack of cigarettes


  • I can deeper inhale and breathe better when I don't smoke


  • I give a bad signal to family, kids and friends when I smoke


  • Smoking gives me a uncertain feeling


  • I feel better when I don't smoke


  • A smokers mouth smells bad to other people


  • I am not a smoker


  • I hate smoking


  • I don't like the smell around me anymore (picture)


  • Smoking smells horrible (picture)


  • Smoking s banned almost everywhere now for a good reason (picture)


  • I feel good when I don't smoke (picture)


  • I feel proud when I don't smoke


  • I feel sad for people who do smoke


  • Not to smoke is what I prefer


Involvement of nitric oxide in learning & memory processes

(US National Library of Medicine

National Institutes of Health)