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Personal  experiences

with the Humming mask 

" I am more than satisfied, I sleep better, my overall well-being and my health is back. the Humming Mask is a miracle ! "

" I cannot be without my Humming Mask "  Ann-Margreth Van Anker. 

"I have been using the mask for almost 4 years now.  I sleep well again, and my blood pressure is great again, i am very happy with this product "
Thank you.  
Tom Nunes. (New Mexico, USA)

"The past 40 years I suffered from chronic backache.  After I started using the Humming Mask, it is completely gone." Paul the Netherlands. 

"After using the mask for just a couple of months, the quality of my sleep improved. Good sleep is a huge issue".  Mike Hall  (Oklahoma) 

"The Humming Mask helped me to improve my sleep tremendously in a short time. Also my blood pressure is normal again."  Anton van Gerwen ( Sound healing Therapist in the Netherlands ). 

This device is the best purchase I ever made.

I spend over the $ 10.000  on my AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) without any noticeable results. After using this mask, I immediately experienced a recovery ! I now have my driver license back and enjoy playing golf again :) "