Strengthen YOUR immunity now!
The Humming Mask,  increases immunity by using your own Inhaled Nitric oxide. The mask is already in use for 3.5 years and we have over a thousand+ clients already. (See our portfolio and testimonials). Today, it turns out that the mask can assist in making you stronger against viruses. 
Do you belong to the risk group of? Then protect yourself more with the Humming Mask, as Nitric oxide increase our immunity, apart from all other benefits that the mask provides. (See Applications) 
PROTECT yourself more now.  (Use the CODE: "Protect35" for a 35% discount off total price). 
Disclamer : we do not claim that the Humming mask is fighting the corona virus, as our position is based on the studies when inhaled nitric oxide has been used as an anti-SARS agent. 

Media headlines about usage of Nitric oxide

(NO) against Covid-19

US-CDC: Some preliminary data on SARS pneumonia suggest that inhaled Nitric Oxide (NO) could have beneficial effects on COVID-19 due to the genomic similarities between this two coronaviruses.

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