The Humming Mask for deep sleep

A breakthrough in the world of sleeping. Study revealed: “Inhaled Nitric Oxide” restores the quality of sleep in young and old. We all need Nitric oxide (NO) in our brain as a Neurotransmitter. For learning, memory and for a Deep Healthy sleep. If we do not have sufficient NO in our brains we cannot function and we will not sleep properly.


But please do not take our word for it and convince yourself by reading the underneath scientific study(s).

Nitric Oxide and Sleep

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Endogenous and Exogenous Nitric Oxide in the Pedunculopontine Tegmentum Induces Sleep

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Endogenous Nitric Oxide in the Rat Pons Promotes Sleep

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What does the Humming Mask do?

The Humming Mask provides sufficient NO in to the brain extracted from the sinuses. By using the Humming Mask just 10 to 20 minutes before bedtime, the brain will receive the sufficient amount of NO as a neurotransmitter, releasing the right hormones that make you fall asleep for hours. This works for every body. All without using medicines and without a chance of a dangerous drug addiction or side effects.

As almost every mammal needs sleep, there will be a moment we fall asleep, as our brains switch to our survival mode.  Even without a pillow, just on grass or on the beach, in the car or in the plane we will fall a sleep. Agreed, the more comfortable the better, avoiding a stiff neck or back pain. But for a deep healthy sleep we do not need Music, Super Pillow’s, heavy blankets or other interesting sleep gadgets. A fresh, quiet and cool dark room, a normal pillow, a good mattress and blanket and sufficient NO, is all we need for a comfortable deep sleep.

Why does sufficient NO not occur naturally anymore?
Studies show that this is caused by aging. As we age, over the years, we produce less NO due to our bio-clock. The reduction of NO is very personal and occurs earlier in some people than in others. Even some very young people may be short on Nitric Oxide (NO), resulting in bad sleep habits.

Our sinuses are major producers of NO.
NO is permanent available in our sinuses and is used for the natural fight against germs like bacteria and viruses. This defense system always works and is the natural source that the Humming Mask uses. By extracting the NO from our sinuses, we will receive the required amount of NO for a perfect Deep Sleep. 

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