The Hummmit (Hummming Mask) for Deep Sleep

A breakthrough in the world of sleeping.

 Study revealed: “Inhaled Nitric Oxide” 

restores the quality of sleep in young and old.


Nitric oxide (NO) is needed for the functions as a Neurotransmitter, for learning, for our memory but also for a Deep and Healthy Sleep. 

If we do not have sufficient NO in our system we cannot function

and we will not sleep properly.

       Quote: NO = Modulation on states on sleep. Decreased NO has 

       identifiable effects, including ageing, neuropathologies and parasitaemia. 

Above medical studies just a selection out of many.
Pls. before order; Convince yourself by reading this scientific study(s).


Good sleep promotes good health. We all need sufficient sleep to recover our brains and body. Between the 15 and 24% of all adults in different countries suffer from insufficient time of sleep. But even with severe insomnia there will be a moment we fall asleep. Our brains switch in to our survival mode.  Even without a pillow, just on grass or on the beach, in the car or in the plane we will fall a sleep. Agreed, the more comfortable the better we sleep and the more rested, but as you do remember from when we where younger, for a deep healthy sleep we don't need special pillow’s, heavy blankets or other interesting sleep gadgets, Just a fresh quiet dark room, a normal pillow, a good mattress and blanket and sufficient NO, is all we need for a deep  recovery sleep. 

The Humming Mask; How it works: (technically)

Our sinuses are major producers of NITRIC OXIDE (N-O), and N-O is permanently available in our sinuses as it is present for the natural fight against germs like bacteria and viruses. This defense system is there always and is the natural source that the Hummmit uses. By extracting the air from our sinuses filled with N-O we receive the required amount of N-O (between 5 and the 15 PPM) for a immediately deep "Delta" sleep that last for hours.


By inhaling air through the nostrils, we also absorb also air from the sinuses through the ostiums, which contains a high dose of N-O. The N-O will be in contact with the olfactory bulb as part of the limbic (brain) system. This olfactory bulb is responsible for the transmission of molecules affecting the brain for example smell, it affects our consciousness using anesthesia, it warns us of dangerous gas smells, etc.

Following this function, Nitric Oxide will activate the brain, and thus the production of the hormones indispensable to fall asleep. This works for all people, of all ages, and all the time. This is also one of the basic reasons why older people tend to sleep less and less, due to insufficient N-O).  Even with many issues on the mind, you will find a Deep and Healthy Sleep. A sleep without using medicines and without unhealthy side effects

How to use the mask: 

Make a choice in the program (intensity, duration  & time cycle). Use the mask just before sleep while relaxing. Read a book, or just lay down in rest, or meditate. Breathe just as normal but only through the nose. (You receive with the mask the NasalVents for easy Nasal Breathing).  After finishing the program, 10, 20, minutes or longer as required, you just take off the mask, You turn on your side (lateral position) and sleep, immediately you will reach the state of "Theta~Delta".  (Deep Sleep) Even after a small pause in between, going to the toilet, have a check on the baby's,.. the function stay effective. After waking up you will notice a difference in your rested feeling. You feel like you slept for days, as you system now is recovered in Whole. 

Why do we naturally lose the production of NO?

By aging we lose the ability to produce NO. As we age, we produce less Nitric oxide due to the effect of our Bio-clock over the years. The reduction of NO is very personal and occurs earlier in some people than others. Even some young people may suffer from nitric oxide (NO) deficiency, resulting in difficulties falling asleep and waking up too early.  

Our sinuses are major producers of NO.
NO is permanent available in our sinuses and is present for the natural fight against germs like bacteria and viruses. This defense system always works and is the natural source that the Humming Mask uses. By extracting the air containing the NO from our sinuses, we will receive the required amount of NO (between the 5 and the 15 PPM.) for a healthy Deep Sleep. 

The device is safe.

As a new health device can be subject of questions concerning safety,  Inhaled Nitric oxide is FDA (USA) approved and used among others in newborn to recover blood pressure. The mask as complimentary and alternative device just “Imitate” our natural “Humming resonance” in exact level of hertz as humming and like the Mantra’s daily used by Monks. The effect is like firm talking or singing or humming, which effect is 100% harmless and healthy. The mask is titled as a non invasive massage device and as an “over the counter” (OTC) product FDA 510(k) exempt device. 

Also Safe to order: You can order Risk free, as we offer a not satisfied  free return policy.  

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