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The Humming Mask© contributes to a mental and physical balance in Whole.

a Tibetan monastery with its own livelihood

The Humming Mask©

The basic idea for the development of the humming mask in 2014 was directly related to the health and wellbeing that can be found in the way of life of the Tibetan Monks. Many studies were conducted to get a finger behind the secret about long life prosperity and steady health by this kind of private communities.

In addition to an important regular daily rhythm and growing their own food such as vegetables and fruit, a “stress-free” life and ”meditation”,  also proved to be important elements for healthy success.  It has also been found that meditation when accompanied by humming and mantras, the permanent present NO in the sinuses and nasal cavities is released and presented, ready for inhalation. This discovery was done in the same period (1999) when the importance of Nitric oxide as (Natural produced) Bio-Gas also scientifically was discovered. 

This discovery showed that nitric oxide, in addition to carbon dioxide and O2, is the necessary third gas for permanent healthy oxygen exchange. This specifically for the capillaries, which maintains the health of the body and the brain.  The deficiency of nitric oxide has a negative impact on vital functions in many organs. (Geriatric disorders).