Recent study reveals:  Is nitric oxide level affected in postmenopausal women with hypothyroidism? Conclusion: Yes, but we can reverse this by increasing our Bio-Nitric oxide (NO), by using the Humming mask.

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New medical information reveals;  The basic cause of Hypothyroidism is an insufficient level of Nitric oxide. (NO) Most supplements we can order for a better feeling and good mood are based on the activation of the endothelial cells for an increased level of NO. 
If we have a healthy diet and we get the right food, we don't need any more nutrients to boost our NO production. Overdoses of all kinds of supplements are no good and do not solve the origin of the problem. With the Humming mask, we use our own available NO from our sinuses without any side effects. The reason why we lack NO is that we all lose the production of Nitric oxide over the years. Here the mask can help. 
What are the benefits of the Humming mask : 
  1. Increases the up-take of your Bio-NO from the sinuses and nasal cavities
  2. It relaxes, reduces stress and improves blood flow into our organs for optimal functioning.
  3. Recovers the oxygen exchange in your system
  4. Eliminates the costs of expensive supplements (the Humming mask last for years) 
  5. Nitric oxide has no side effects and is 100% naturally produced in our sinuses
  6. NO increases the quality of sleep and many more benefits showed on our site  
  7. Recovers your feeling of well being like in your former days     
  8. All statements are scientifically proven by medical studies. (pls. read underneath study) "Is nitric oxide level affected in postmenopausal women with hypothyroidism?"
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