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The Humming Mask is a  drug free over the counter (OTC) electronic device.  The mask is FDA -510K exempt and can be ordered without prescription. It is safe to use. The Mak resonates the air molecules in the sinuses where Nitric Oxide (NO) is generated and inhaling deeply through the nose draws an increased dose of NO ino the lungs. As we age the production of NO decreases causing aging and many old age ailments. Using the mask 3 to 4 times a week will increase our level of NO again. 

Nation wide service. 
The Humming Mask comes with a full two (2) year warranty on all non-moving parts.  We stand by our 2+1 Quality Check prior to shipping.  We use the award-winning Internet Fulfillment & Distribution Services from eFulfillment Service located at:
807 Airport Access Road             Shipments for Europe 
Traverse City, Michigan                Shipped by UPS & DHL 
Replacement of single masks can be purchased for US$ 65.00 in our shop and will be shipped to your address.
Risk free ordering

We are confident with our product’s results.  If you, for any reason are NOT satisfied with the results  within 60 days,  we'll refund you the full purchase amount.