The Humming Mask for PSA

Using the Humming Mask, activates our (Natural) Bio-Nitric oxide, what have shown to inhibit the PSA level in man with enlarged prostate, and even with cancer.  The main reason why we develop this prostate problems is a lack of Nitric oxide*.


For those who are new to the Humming Mask, we like to explain the main and basic rule for using your mask:
The Humming Mask is a massage device to recover your Nitric oxide (NO) what is lost when we grow older.  We all need a sufficient level of NO in our body to avoid  the ailments of being older. This is many times scientifically proven by official published studies.  

But probably you will ask:  why do we lose our natural production of NO in the first place?  That knowledge about O2, is recently discovered by Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler, and the answer to that special question is:   Our Bio Clock.

Unfortunately, on a certain moment we ALL need to make room or step aside for our new generation(s) to come.  When studying our Bio-Clock we will discover that we lose more and more of our Nitric oxide over time which is needed for “sufficient Oxygen supply”  to survive.  Even when we are 70 years old, we only produce 15 percent of the volume compared to when we were 30 years old.



Today we know, with fewer NItric oxide we will be more vulnerable to all kind of illnesses. Our immune system starts to be weaker, and we receive less oxygen in vital organs in our body. This all is proven in many studies conducted over the last 15 years. The good news is that our sinuses and, partly, our nasal cavities produce permanently Bio-Nitric oxide, which the Humming Mask activates more. By inhaling slowly this Bio-Nitric oxide we improve and recover our NO to a level that increases our physical health, our mental health and total well-being. This is how the Humming Mask can assist you in your life now and the years to come. We do know better than anyone, how important it is to maintain the good feelings about our health and in particular our highly personal part of body, reflecting our mind and well-being. 

Note: A serious and important frequently asked question is; how long will I have to use the mask? The answer to this is clear. Because and due to our Bio-clock we will only produce less NO, and we will have to use the mask for years to come. However, the good news is that using the mask is very nice to do and will become part of our daily routine, just as sleeping, sporting, eating and drinking, which are prerequisites for a quiet and healthy life. All people who use the mask (mostly just before sleep) are very happy and thankful with their results.   

*The Yin Yang Role of Nitric Oxide in Prostate Cancer


*Phase II study of nitric oxide donor for men with increasing prostate-specific antigen level after surgery or radiotherapy for prostate cancer.


The Humming Mask in short: 
1. The mask activates our own (Natural) Bio-Nitric oxide originated from our sinuses and nasal cavities.
2. Nitric oxide is the molecule of life to maintain our health for the years to come.

3. It reverses the lost production of our Bio-Nitric Oxide.

4. Using the Humming Mask improves our Health and increases our Immunity, while we rest, relax or meditate.

5. The FDA approved the use of low dose Nitric oxide (5-20 ppm) already for years.

The help you can expect aside from other benefits, the mask will bring to you.

  1. Lower PSA level

  2. Less toilet trips in the night  

  3. Thus an increase quality of sleep

  4. And also, but perhaps not the first reason for you, an absolute reversed erectile dysfunction.

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