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For Specialists, Alternative doctors,  and others


You have probably already spoken with one of our people, or else we would like to welcome you as a new relation. Here we like to inform you about the options for wholesale.

As a care company or as a specialist, you are able to order on this site for a WholeSale price-on-line.  For this, we did set-up a simple manner for ordering using an affiliate program. You can order a stock of Humming Masks for at your practice, or your client can order directly as an individual on this site (Individual ordering is only available in the US and Europe at this time). 

When your clients/patients like ordering direct, they will always receive a 10% discount when they are advised by you, while the difference in wholesale will reflect in your affiliate account(Your affiliate account is secure and you can follow online the activities).  As an individual purchase, your client or patient will receive also, as normal, all existing warranties, service and aftersale.  ​Prices are on request

To make this possible you can download and print out the Humming Mask leaflet for your client (Product and order information). By entering the unique 10% product code, the system knows that the order came through your company.   

Working model for procurement, application, and aftercare.

The mask can be purchased for in stock and used at your practice or your patient/client can order directly on our site. In each situation, you will receive your affiliate accreditation for the difference in wholesale. Most therapists use both options and use 2 or 3 masks for use in the office or clinic, and use individual ordering online for the following orders.


Step 1. You can sign-up without any obligation as an affiliate and you receive your wholesale price & affiliate account code. 

Step 2. Download the product leaflet for your client or patient's information.

Step 3. Order for your office inventory for your wholesale price, or your client can order as an individual, and the difference in wholesale will reflect in your account. Sale and payment is permanent unless it is canceled on your part.


To organize your orders as an affiliate, please follow the few steps in the affiliate program click "HERE" after which you and your clients can order. From here everything will go automatically.  

If you have any questions or you have other requests, please send us an mail or use our Contact form. We will send you the required information.

Have a wonderful day. 

The Humming Mask team

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