The importance of Nitric oxide (NO)

In 1998 the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three American doctors who discovered that Nitric Oxide or NO, an endogenous short-lived gas, plays an important role in the human body. NO has the capacity to act as a signalling molecule between cells in the body. The paranasal sinuses are major producers of NO. As we grow older this production decreases and various complaints can arise, such as sleeping problems, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, etc. When we raise the concentrations of NO back up in the body, we see that many complaints disappear/decrease again. 

The story behind the Humming Mask

Development of the Humming mask.

The monks in Tibet have, for a long time, known that by humming, during hours of daily meditations, NO is increased. Humming creates certain vibrations/frequencies in the cavities/sinuses next to your nose. These vibrations increase the production of NO in the sinuses (Nasal Nitric Oxide) by 15x. By breathing in through the nose, this NO will be directly bound to hemoglobin for the transport of oxygen into the finest capillaries of the body and brains, which leads to many positive effects. We know from scientific research(some of these studies can be found below) that NO strengthens your immune system and protects you from outside invaders such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. So when we increase the Nasal Nitric Oxide we see that we are much better protected against respiratory infections.

How does the Humming Mask work?

Demo of the Humming Mask

The Humming Mask vibrates at a low frequency (90 to 120 Hertz) which gently and pleasant resonates at five locations

on the head: 2 x forehead(Frontal sinuses), 2x cheekbones(Maxillary sinuses) and nose bone for the Sphenoid sinuses. The air in the cavities of the head (sinuses) will start to resonate due to the accurate frequency. In addition to the resonating, the location, intensity and timing of the frequency is important. A program in the base of the Humming Mask controls this. Due to this combination of effects we imitate the natural humming effect. Due to this humming effect we can inhale the air through our Ostium’s via the nostrils, including higher small amounts of Nitric oxide (NO) what will be distributed through the lungs in the blood for an optimal oxygen exchange.


In less than 30 minutes you have generated enough NO for a day. You do not have to meditate for hours like the monks did or have to do annoying exercises; this device does all the work for you. In this way, an age-old tradition meets modern technology. Because it is user friendly, it can be used very easily by children, elderly and/ or weaker people; you do not have to do anything. Just relax while humming and inhaling through your nose.

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